Creating Stability.
Changing Lives.

We believe that helping to stabilize the local economy and building sustainable, safe neighborhoods together we can enrich the lives of area residents.

A Mission With Momentum

The mission is to help communities by bringing stability to areas of need through continued innovation and foundational solutions. Generating sustainable momentum that positively affects people, neighborhoods and the greater region for future generations to come.

Heartwood Communities is a programmatic approach for local and state governments to transform a situation of devastation and despair into one of restoration and repair.
The Effort in
  • On Sept 8th, 2020, fires swept through cities and towns throughout Oregon including Jackson, Douglas, Lane, Linn, Marion, Clackamas, Klamath and Lincoln counties. The blaze destroyed roughly 6,051 structures and displaced nearly 10,000 residents.


Heartwood Communities is providing an economic and humanitarian stabilization plan that serves as a catalyst for long-term growth in the community. In this new program, local tax dollars can be invested back into local jurisdictions, preserving the community for the future.