Heartwood Communities

Oregon’s Long-Term Recovery Plan

This program provides the resources to set up the local economies for a sustainable recovery through an actionable plan that invests back into the community.

A Fire In The Community

On Sept 8th, 2020, fires swept through cities and towns throughout Oregon including Jackson, Douglas, Lane, Linn, Marion, Clackamas, Klamath and Lincoln counties. The blaze destroyed roughly 6,051 structures and displaced nearly 10,000 residents. A majority of those affected were lower-income families living in mobile home parks who had the most to lose.

Even before the fire though, a studies were conducted estimating an excess of 20,000 affordable housing units to meet the community’s needs.

Providing Resources. Inspiring Hope. Affecting Change.

Heartwood Communities saw the dire need for a solution and began working immediately to deliver relief by developing an economic and humanitarian stabilization plan for the residents of Oregon communities.

Partnering with local charitable organizations and State and Local Governments, this plan serves as a catalyst for long-term growth. One that maximizes every dollar in the system to provide greater efficiencies and multiple return opportunities not available in the Public space.

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  • What a wonderful program. Thank you!

    Paige Jones

  • When I first learned about this program, I was blown away! Thank you for helping us to bring back our wonderful community.

    Tina Martinez

A Sustainable Plan Of Action

Long-term benefits of the plan continue to reach far and spread wide. Providing a turnkey solution for infusing hope and prosperity back into the communities of Oregon.

  • Housing the underserved
  • Galvanizing
    the workforce
  • Stabilizing
    the economy
  • Supporting the local schools
  • Generating
    tax revenue
  • Providing humanitarian relief