Heartwood Communities

Local communities shouldn’t have their ongoing sustainability handicapped by an absence of resources.

Retained local tax dollars can cultivate the success of your economy and establish community-wide stabilization.

There is an insufficient resource pool for stabilizing communities that facing a lack of workforce housing and other challenges.

Local communities lack the capabilities to build large-scale solutions.

Governments struggle to provide necessary resources in the absence of a clear and viable plan for execution.

The resulting inaction creates an environment that causes local communities to struggle with maintaining ongoing sustainability.

The Heartwood Foundation addresses workforce housing and community challenges that local resources don’t have the capabilities to address.

How It Works

The Keys Are in Your Hand

The Community Reinvestment Plan has been developed for state and local governments to be able to provide the necessary resources to local communities for economic stabilization and recovery.

The Plan provides for a fiscally responsible approach and solution to an otherwise unsolvable societal endemic.

The Heartwood Foundation currently has local presence across multiple communities in your state. Here’s how you can participate:

Establish an open line of communication with the Heartwood Foundation’s leadership team.

Relay information about the Community Reinvestment Plan to your fellow representatives.

The potential impact that this plan can make in your community is directly dependent on your support.

Sharing this information with fellow business owners, representatives, and community members is a small but important way to enhance your community.

Support Your Community. Your Voice Matters.

Add your name to the list of other members of your community who are supporting this initiative.

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