Catalyst Mission

Creating a Better Place to Live

Genuine support for the local residents. And, that’s only the beginning.

Opportunity in the Community.

The model taps into an innovative stream of cash flows designed to fund meaningful programs that enrich the lives of area residents. Fueling the promise of a brighter tomorrow throughout the community.

  • Case Management
  • Vocational Training
  • Job Placement
  • Medical Assistance
  • Food Subsidization
  • Accessible Daycare
  • Educational Planning
  • After School Activities

Helping Neighborhoods Thrive

There are many reasons why revitalizing a community is essential to safeguarding its residents from the issues that surface with economic erosion.

Preserving the Local Economy

When residents stay, the local economy thrives. Vital funds essential to preserving the quality of schools, parks, roads and other public resources.

  • Strengthening
    The Community

    People work near where
    they live:
    Affordable housing
    is essential to keeping quality labor in the community and preventing employers from relocating.

  • Attracting Business
    AND Investment

    One of the most important things new businesses look for before moving to an area is knowing there is an ample and stable workforce to support its core employment needs.

  • Fighting

    Less drug use, less mental illness, less crime rate. It’s all the direct effect of providing a reliable place to live for residents of the community.

We believe that thriving neighborhoods and communities can change the life trajectories of our residents. And in turn, create to a greater level of economic stability throughout the entire area.

John Dunlap