Catalyst Philosophy

A Better Way. A Brighter Day.

Introducing a plan that serves as a catalyst for long-term
growth opportunities and benefits to every resident in the community.

Revolutionary New Community Model

Presenting a new development model that provides unlimited investment into counties and local governments. The investment capital is sourced through very patient and long term funding channels intended for community enhancement, economic stabilization programs and affordable housing.

The assets created as a result of the investment model will be delivered to the county and local governments for local programming and affordable housing use with zero debts, liens or encumbrances. The unencumbered assets will be made available to the county and the local governments for any subsequent leveraging as needed from time to time.

The approach allows for implementation at market rate ensuring delivery and availability to the community on macro scale. All cash flows derived from the assets will be redirected back into the community that would otherwise go to private third parties. The result is local economic stability, multiple community benefit programs and compounding positive results.

World of Opportunities

The end-to-end plan for community revitalization and economic stabilization is designed to generate momentum and unlock funding from a series of previously untapped sources. With an ability to redirect State and Federal resources through the program, Catalyst provides a new platform for county and local government to strengthen their local communities.

Making A Difference In The Community

Catalyst is an investment model not a subsidy. Other traditional programs, such as typical affordable housing programs, are temporary and use government subsidies to the benefit of a private owner. The Catalyst model, however, creates an environment whereby the community becomes the beneficiary of the state and federal resources (not the private sector). This is achieved through the eventual ownership of the assets over time resulting in equitable value, all the while ensuring affordability for perpetuity.